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Maiden & Spell is a one-on-one magical girl aerial projectile battler, featuring a colorful cast of ladies fighting with fantastic spells.

Battling with magic is simple! Fire your spells, hit your opponent, and don't get hit yourself! Each maiden is color-coded and has a set of abilities unique to them, activated at a press of a button. There aren't any complicated combos or intricate inputs or grabs or melee attacks or block buttons! Just a 3-pixels-wide hitbox, a lot of shiny bullets, and your own dodging skills.

You can fight against a friend in Versus Mode, or test your skill against a series of opponents and bullet hell boss attacks in Story Mode.

An abyss on the edge of the map, said to be the most dangerous dungeon in the world... The Great Circle. A group of young adventurers travel down into its depths in search of a powerful treasure.

Awaiting them are cute monsters, nonsensical architecture, and an ancient city once known as The Kingdom of Stars....

  • A unique versus game with a whimsical fantasy aesthetic
  • 8 cute maidens to play as, each with their own magical attacks, abilities, and playstyles
  • Versus Mode, where you can play 1 v 1 matches against your friends
  • Story Mode, fight against a series of opponents mixed in with 70+ challenging attack patterns to defeat
  • Extra unlockables and optional challenges that will truly test your skills
  • A JRPG-battle-theme inspired soundtrack by composer Steel_plus
  • Online battling with lobbies and rollback

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Buy Now$12.99 USD or more

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Small but very nice. I like it. Unique style.
ZUN would be proud.
Eden even has a skin from this one.

Deleted 313 days ago

Almost!  The music and sound effects were made by other people.  The art and programming is all mine though!

The art is so lovable! Do you have ArtStation/Insta or something to follow you on?

Not really!  Just my twitter account that I don't update very often:


Is this going to have DLC? 

If it does well enough!

it has SO much in it already :D

Congrats on getting the full game ready guys! I hope everything is going well :D

Thanks!     Just steadily moving forward with bug fixes!