It's November! (Development Update)

Hey all!  You might have noticed that the date of the game's release has changed from "2019" to "2020" in some places.

Does this mean the game is getting delayed a year?  Nope!  In fact, I hope to release it very early next year, probably by February or so.
For those who aren't following the game too closely, I thought I'd just give a quick update on development progress, and the planned schedule from here.

Current progress:

-All characters and stages that the game will be launching with are done and ready
-All the planned extras for the game are complete
-Versus Mode, Training Mode, etc.. are feature complete
-The music for the game is almost all done, with just a few more adjustments left
-Story Mode is *mostly* done, there are a few tasks left to put it all together
-Netplay: the part where you actually fight someone peer to peer is complete, but the lobby system where you can connect and challenge people still needs some work

My plans for the coming months are: finish the netplay experience, finish the whole Story Mode, then release the game!

I also plan to release an updated version of the demo before the end of the month.  It won't have any new characters or content, but it will have updated UI, access to "Silly Settings" in Versus Mode, and a Chinese translation. 

I would also like to do *some* kind of beta for the netplay once it's complete.... but haven't decided exactly what kind yet.  I'm somewhat between two options:

Option 1) Begin preorders for the game, and have a closed beta with all of the characters.
Option 2) Add netplay to the free demo, and have an open beta with the 4 included characters.

If you have any opinions, I'm all ears!  Feel free to join the Discord and let me know, or just leave a comment on this post.


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