Maiden & Spell Update v0.4.5

Major update!  I have updated most of the art for the game.  The character select images and Magnus Attack images are shiny new!

Special thanks to the Sinix and Cyan Discord servers where we practiced art together!

(By the way Maiden & Spell has a Discord Server too didyaknow)

The art revamp isn't totally done, though.  The victory poses aren't quite finished (so I'm using the normal images as a placeholder), and I'd like to render out the Story Select images a bit more when I get the time.  But, I am taking the game to Dreamhack Atlanta next week, and wanted to get the new version out before then.

Here are the patch notes!  Though there isn't any new content, the backside of the game has actually been updated quite a bit, so I might have missed something.



- Updated all Character Select images

- Updated all Magnus Attack images

- Changed the timing on the countdown ribbons when the battle starts (so your view isn't obscured)

- Updated many bullet sprites to be more visible

- Darkened/faded many stages to improve visibility

- Changed Hero of Frost's shade of green to be less yellow

- Changed warnings for smaller rays to be more animated


- Changed Royal Arcanist's Wide Attack bullet speed from 7 > 6.5 (buff)

- Changed visual cue for lasers in "Magnus Attack: Steelfall"


- Changed to YYC compiler (this should improve performance)

- Added clickable buttons and Discord/Mailing List to "Follow" page

- Added "Follow" page to end of Story Mode

----Bug fixes----

- Fixed bug where Magnus HP bar would not refill in Training Mode

- Fixed bug where Hero of Frost high scores would occasionally be recorded as Royal Arcanist high scores

- Fixed bug where certain tutorial sprites wouldn't disappear

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Nov 07, 2018

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Really cool game so far :D

Only caveat is that it does not have key rebinds (yet).

Also might have encountered a bug? 
When I played on hard, lost in the first fight and clicked start story from beginning, I got the walls that narrow down the arena very soon after starting the match. Is the timer not resetting under these conditions?
(I probably also died in the "normal" phase)
Looking forward to see more^^


It's definitely possible that there's a bug!  I'll be sure to look into it.

Key rebinds are definitely a thing I'm trying to do, I just haven't gotten around to it.  (Actually, you can kind of rebind them if you mess with the config files; there's just not a menu in the game for it yet)

Thanks a lot for playing!