A downloadable game for Windows

Young maidens seek adventure...

Maiden & Spell is a bullet hell battle game currently in development for PC!

Compete in local 1v1 bullet hell fights with your friends, or seek the truth of the Kingdom of Stars in the single-player Story Mode!

Features:  Cute characters!  Dazzling danmaku!  High difficulty!  Local multiplayer!  A fabulous soundtrack by the talented STEEL_PLUS!  日本語もありますよ!


WebsitePress Kit | Tumblr Devblog | Mailing List | Discord 

art, programming, design by mino_dev

music by steel_plus

sfx by yichen and sinoc

made with Gamemaker Studio 2


This a free demo!  The full game is planned to release late 2019.

This game is still in development.  If you encounter any weird issues, or have any opinions on the game, hop into Discord and let me know, or just leave a comment below!

StatusIn development
Rated 4.7 out of 5 stars
(38 total ratings)
Made withClip Studio Paint, GameMaker
TagsAnime, Bullet Hell, Cute, Difficult, Fantasy, Female Protagonist, Hand-drawn, Local multiplayer, PvP
Average sessionAbout an hour
LanguagesEnglish, Japanese
InputsKeyboard, Gamepad (any)
MultiplayerLocal multiplayer
Player count1 - 2
LinksBlog, Twitter


MaidenSpell_Demo.zip 91 MB

Install instructions

To run the game, simply unzip the .zip file and run MaidenSpell.exe.

If a warning window pops up, click "show info" and then "run anyway".

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 I never buy games and I was gonna pirate this as well. Decided to buy it for online play...

 Best decision I ever made in my life.

 The single player is good, but the online versus is a M A S T E R P I E C E !! I can say with confidence that his is one of the very best versus games ever made, unconventional or otherwise, and somehow there's no lag whatsoever!

 I'm sad that it doesn't seem to be getting the attention it deserves,  I  will tell everybody about this game, although, even with a small community I have no doubt this game will last for years, truly great competitive games always do.

Thank you for this absolute gem!!!!


Thanks so much for playing!!  I'm glad you enjoy it!


as a longtime senko no ronde fan i just wanted to thank you for making this; you really nailed the magical girl aesthetic and it's very charming all throughout 🥰

p.s. thank you for the ammo/cooldown rings, it was a very nice surprise to see those again!!

Thanks for playing!!  The full game is out soon!

Please make this a mac version 

I love the aesthetics and visuals of this game, it's absolutely stunning! I'm excited for the full game >w<



I'm excited for the release good to hear everything is going well 


Listen. If you haven't at least tried this games demo you're missing out. It's enchanting, has colorful characters, and beautiful battlefields.

game is awesome i like it verY much i like difficultY of the game (versus and storY, even if storY will be harder) and i am waiting for the release !

Thanks so much for playing!!  Release will be soon hopefully!

was a really fun game but really hard as well

Thanks for playing!

(the full version will be harder)

Played the game! hope you guys like it :) 

and seriously i enjoyed it very much :D 

Thanks so much for playing!!

Just played this game and LOVED IT. cannot wait to buy the full game

Thanks so much for playing!!

Absolutely. Though i have to thank Mazzu on twitter for showing me the game. I just finished editing and adding some end cards i got the video scheduled for August 4th i hope you like it

I don't really play bullet hell games (I know I'm going to be terrible at it), but man I had fun. Can't wait till the full game releases!

I am charmed by this game, I'm not a huge bullet hell fan but the 'cute mode' was a perfect difficulty curve for someone who struggles with double jumps.  Really looking forward to the full release of the game and all the gals! The artwork on the dev. twitter looks so much fun!

I streamed this game and had a blast, thank you for sharing the demo with us for free!

are there only 4 characters because i see 4 more slots

Please add online feature i would really love to play with one of my friends from afar ^^


The waifu wars have truly started people... Thats the only description I can give for this game

wow, your game is awesome , very good job, i'm very funny play with it

Thanks for trying it out!!

I suggest you to upload your awesome game on www.indiexpo.net for more views, i want support it ;-D

This is really cool. How big is the final version planned to be? 


I'm currently planning for there to be 8 characters at launch, 4 story modes with six stages each, along with a few extra things.

Love it!

Thanks for playing!!

(1 edit)

So good Nice game!! Though title music reminds me of touhou themes ha ;-)

btw, is there any key to make a in-game snapshot? And where it will be released on finally? <3

Thanks for playing!  

There isn't a dedicated key to take a picture, but that's a good idea!  In the meantime, you can always hit "print screen" and then paste it into Paint :)

The game is planned to be released sometime next year!  Don't exactly know when yet, but I'll keep you updated!

I can't seem to beat that one boss with her Steelfall attack. It always hit me.

Thanks for playing!

The goal is to defeat her before Steelfall goes off.  Try using your Special Attacks a lot; they do good damage to Magnus Attacks!

Actually, I nerfed it a little in the update.  I think Normal Mode might have been a bit too demanding for Stage 3

I'm doing it on Easy and I'm still not able to beat her.

If you're talking about Steelfall, make sure you have the latest version of the game!  It's now tuned so that on Easy Mode, you should be able to just barely win if you just hit Basic Attack over and over.  Using your Special Attack every now and then will also help!

I'm too lazy to leave a big lengthy review. So I'll leave a small list-thing instead.

1 - Music is awesome. No complaints.

2 - Movement is fluid (I tried playing on my better, non-crappy computer and it was much better.) On my crappy PC it wasn't unplayable, just unbearably slow. I felt like I was cheating. The only reason I noticed something was off was because I saw what the actual gameplay was supposed to look like.

3 - Difficulty is okay. (In my opinion) it's not insanely hard, but maintains a relatively decent difficulty. It's definitely not "easy" by any means, but I wish there was an option to change the game like increasing the speed by a bit or making the the hitbox slightly bigger or something. The difficulty is definitely "high," but not as much that I'd break my keyboard. I can totally understand why some battles would be nerfed, but it's really good so far.

4 - The intro was a bit endearing. It wasn't actually that big of a barrage of information, because you only had to memorize a couple keys and just press randomly until you got them down. I may or may not have just clicked through it and regretted it for the first couple minutes of playing.

Thanks for playing!

2- The game IS made in Gamemaker 1.4, so it might be a bit slow on low-end laptops and the like (Gamemaker has made development a lot easier, but it isn't exactly known for its speed).  I've tried to make it as efficient as I can, and I'll continue trying to make improvements so that hopefully the launch version will be a bit lighter.

3- I might still tune the "regular" fights to make them a bit faster before the final release, based on feedback and such.  But I'll probably wait until I finish making the rest of the characters before doing any drastic game-wide adjustments.  As for the Magnus Attacks, the demo only goes up to stage 3!  So look forward to some more difficult ones in the full release.

Absolutely fantastic demo, can't get enough of the art. The gameplay is pure bullet hell madness with magical girls being the focal point. You will be dodging and slinging spells continuously in this magical firefight extravaganza. I am eagerly awaiting the full release.

Oh and Ps. if you think you're a monster of bullet hells and decided to jump in at hard difficulty then you're gonna have a rude awakening, this game beat me down until I memorized the attacks and even then I end up dodging into some pain.


Thanks for playing!

Hard Mode is tuned to be a difficulty that I personally find challenging, even after making all the attacks/mechanics myself.  So it's pretty hard!  There are people who are a lot better at bullet hell than I am though, so maybe if someone out there really is a god of bullet hell they'd find it kind of easy!

Found your game through the twitter of LUCAH developer and I'm really glad I did!

I only played the first story campagin so far but I already have few questions and minor compaints.

1) How exactly does focus work? I only used it to make the basic attack stronger and to see my hitbox but is it all it does? I think in tutorial it said something about improving your accuracy but aren't most attacks auto-aimed at enemy anyway?

2) Does the size of a circle around characters indicate anything except whether they use focus or not?

3) Is there a planned release date for the game? I can't wait to play the full version!

4) This is where minor complaints start. The second ability of the first story character (Sorry, I'm bad at remembering names) seemed pretty useless, the basic attack is much stronger. I thought to use it during magnus stages when I needed to stay mobile but it's damage seemed so low that it didn't make much of a difference.

5) The last enemy of the first campagin is much stronger then the first two. I understand that it's still a demo, so it's supposed to be a final boss but the difficulty spike is just way too big. I still haven't beaten her even after about 20 or so tries.

6) Please make moons during the last boss's magnus stage stand out more. It probably sounds weird but a lot of the times I just didn't notice them despite their huge size until it was too late because they don't really stand out that much on the black backgroung.

Also, I'm surprised that so many people say the game is too hard. The only really difficult enemy (at least at normal difficulty) is the Arcanist, all others just take a few tries to learn their patterns and a bit of practice. Maybe I'm wrong but at least to me it seems like this is a kind of game where you are supposed to lose first few times, but after you get better and start learning the game it becomes much easier. Like the second campagin, for example, took me 9 retries but I still thought it was relativly easy at the end.

Thanks so much for playing!  And thanks to nomorestories for the shoutout!

1) It does improve "accuracy", ever so slightly.  Your attacks aren't perfectly auto aimed, but rather, are aimed in the direction of the arrow your character has around them.  But that arrow isn't perfectly snapping to your opponent's position; rather, it's sort of lazily following them.  So, if they continue to move, especially when they're close to you, the arrow won't be very accurate.  "Focus" makes the arrow snap more closely to the opponent's actual position, and will even slightly "lead" your attacks to where your opponent is moving if held down.

The effect is sort of subtle, so you don't have to worry about it all too much; especially if you're just playing against CPUs.  If you're interested, I made a post about it a while back on the devblog: https://maidenspellgame.tumblr.com/post/174673366866/maiden-spell-movement-aimin...

2) Nope!  The circles around each character are more of a guide to help you see your opponent out of the corner of your eye, rather than having to look over.

3) Thanks!  It's planned for sometime in 2019, but I can't say for certain exactly when quite yet.

4) I've gotten quite a few comments about Hero of Frost's moves, so I'll be changing them a bit in an update.  It's supposed to be a trade off between the high power of the Basic Attack versus the improved mobility of the Wide Attack, but I think just about everyone who's sent me feedback so far has mentioned her in one way or another.  So that'll be changed.

5) I'll be making "Easy" mode easier in an update, but right now I'm not entirely sure whether I should make "Normal" any easier.  A lot of comments have said they feel the game is too hard, but I did a twitter poll and most people who answered thought the game was fairly balanced, so.  I might just adjust a few attacks specifically without making it too much easier.  I have a feeling the Hero of Frost adjustments will also make the difficulty a bit more manageable.

6) Sure!  I think I'll make larger bullets in general stand out a bit more.

Thanks again for playing, and for leaving feedback!

When I was playing this game I mostly said I hate this game so much but the game is so good.

You see when you put on your big boy pants and go to normal mode and then get destroyed on the first person you see.  And then go to easy mode to see if your going to beat that and still fail. You tend to wish you were actually video games. But you still play because the art in the game is great!

*and also your friend said you were bad*

But Its a really good game and I can't wait for the full release of this game! :D

Thanks!  And thanks for playing!

If you're having trouble, maybe check back next week or so!  I'm not sure quite yet if I'll do any Story Mode "nerfing", but I definitely plan on making Hero of Frost a bit easier to play at least.

In the meantime, you could also try switching up control schemes; a friend of mine said he was having trouble until he switched from keyboard to controller, so that might help (I'm personally much better using keyboard though).

Im fine with the controls as it is but I found it quite easy to exploit the defense spell The Royal Archaist  has by spamming it when the opponent using its most powerful move in story mode then spamming the basic attack which allows you to rack up damage fairly quickly. I don't know if debuffs damage are lowered in higher difficulty seeing I only beaten easy mode but you could take it into consideration. 

I'm guessing your going to lower the difficulty anyway but if your going to make an insane mode or just increase the difficulty of hard mode you should lower the damage the debuffs do.

But that's just my opinion

In Easy Mode, all attacks do 1.4x times the "normal" damage to Magnus Barriers, so that might be part of why it seems so fast.  You can kill anything in Easy Mode REALLY quickly if you know how to do a lot of damage.

Also, I'm not sure if this is what you meant, but your comment lead me find a bug (or more like unintentional behavior) with the Royal Arcanist's defensive spell, so thanks! :)

The "intended" way to use the spell against Magnus Barriers is for you to cast 3 debuffs, then reapply them right when they wear off.  The "Death Toll" debuff is the most powerful one, and doesn't do any damage until it wears off, which means it's negated if it's overwritten.  But, it looks like the "Pain" and "Toxic" debuffs are actually "ticking" too soon after they're reapplied, dealing extra damage...  which makes spamming the move just as effective as using it carefully, which isn't what I wanted.  So, I'll fix that too. 

pretty much every time I play this game cause I'm bad


(1 edit) (+1)

I am now complete and incomplete

I managed to complete both the hero of frost and the royal arcanist's story but I only beat their stories on easy mode when there's also normal and hard mode. This is gonna be one hell of a ride 

Please bless me mino ;-;

Good luck!

(1 edit)

I quite enjoy the mechanics and the game is very cute and nice! There is a few things that I would suggest though.

First, I would tune the difficulty a little bit more. For someone who is just learning, easy mode shouldn't be incredibly difficult. I spent some time in the training area but that still wasn't enough. I imagine since this fighter does have more unique mechanics and movement, tuning some of the difficulty down in easy mode would help people adjust. 

Secondly, I really enjoy the concept of two main attacks, one that hits non-moving targets, and one that doesn't. I think there needs to be some more tuning when it comes to how many projectiles of the ones that hit stationary targets should be released. Right now, it can very often feel like those attacks are too powerful for some characters as it makes it hard to move around AND would hit you standing still. 

Lastly, and this is more of a nitpick, but I feel like while I enjoy a lot of the sprites and their designs, the animations can sometimes feel like they're lacking a frame or two. The key poses and timing is there, it just can feel a little too snappy, which in a game about fluid motion in a gravity-less environment, kinda counteract each other. Again this is the most nit picky thing I have, the animations are very cute and wonderful, it's just something I noticed.

Overall I think this is a really solid game! I hope you keep working on it and I'm really excited to see what the final product will look like! 

(P.S The menu screen is incredibly polished! From the Art to the Music it all creates a distinct mood that's quite unique <3)

I agree :)

Thanks so much!  And thank you for playing!

1) Would you believe that this is actually already extremely toned down from what I had not too long ago (...lol).  I guess I'll have to make it even easier, at least for Easy and maybe Normal mode, or maybe make the current "Easy" into "Normal" and bump up the current "Hard" to "Impossible" or something.  Difficulty was definitely one thing that I was really trying to get right before I put the demo out, but maybe it's still too difficult.

2) I assume you're talking about "Hero of Frost"; with her very strong Basic Attack and very weak Wide Attack.  My goal was to create a character that could put out a very strong attack, but only when she could stand in one place, and then give her extra defensive options to help make that possible (and she'd have to fall back to her weak Wide Attack if she couldn't stand still).  I've actually gotten quite a bit of comments about her current playstyle so far though, so maybe I wasn't entirely successful (though it might be a bit disproportionate, since players are likely to try her Story Mode first).  I'll likely make a few adjustments to her moves in an update to maker her easier to use.

3) Noted! :)  I admit I'm not the best animator, but hopefully I'm getting better with time!

I feel kinda stupid calling it a magnus CARD when I think it's a barrier

Oh like a Spellc

The note abruptly ends here...

the moment I start playing in the versus mode my mind immediately says "is this smash bros brawl?" as well as making a terrible mistake on setting the ai to hard

wow, this game is good and when I mean good I mean G O O D... but there is some things about this that I have to criticize. First of all the game is hard, this game kicked my ass plenty of times but the thing was I was on easy mode, I am a massive scrub with this game and I have a difficult time with the last part of the demo. Fighting against the hero of frost is a little bit easy but once she uses the magnus card it goes from pretty hard to how am I supposed to deal with this. Her attacks for the first phase of the magnus is just a wall of projectiles and I don't even know how to get past that since there IS an opening left in the wall but since you also need to attack her in order to progress with the fight is just annoying to deal with, from that I just gave up and I don't know what's next. But if you face against the royal arcanist, the fight is harder than any fights in my opinion. Her attacks are even more of a pain to deal with and once you take her down to her using the magnus, let me tell you AT THAT POINT SPECIFICALLY is when this fight is just nearly impossible for me. HER ATTACKS ARE EVEN HARDER THAN ANY OTHER CHARACTERS IN THIS GAME and to make it even worse either you fight the hero of frost OR the royal arcanist they have one additional card than you. Now you may think that it just makes it a little harder but after what I've experienced in either one of their fights I find pretty unfair. My point is make the last part really difficult but still forgiving and not too hard. So mino if you read this comment, don't take it WAY TOO SERIOUSLY and just think about making things just a tiny bit more easy, I'm looking forward to the final project of this game and I hope you are still working on this because it's a really good game that's got tons of difficulty in it and is really well made and creative. And now I don't know anything else to say for the end of this, and again don't take this as any harm but just take this into a little consideration. If you disagree with this then I don't care I'm really bad at this game any ways. So keep up the G O O D work ^_^

Time for some more criticism. Normal and the hard difficulty, where do I start with this. I just recently went back and played on the normal difficulty and let me tell you that IT WAS A NIGHTMARE TO PLAY. I couldn't even get past the first fight because she kept using attack after attack that I can't even keep up with what's going on. I feel like you intended to make the game naturally hard but this I can't play. The hard difficulty is probably going to be literally impossible to play since the game is already hard with the other difficulties and to top it all off in that difficulty you can't recover any lives or card or whatever they are meaning through most of the game you probably have to flawlessly go through the entire game without losing any HP at all. Pretty much all the difficulties in the game are misleading but REMEMBER that this is only MY OPINION AND MY EXPERIENCE THROUGH THE GAME SO FAR. Don't take any of this way too seriously and only take them to a little consideration. No pressure on the development of the real deal and keep up the good work... again.

I'll definitely make adjustments to Easy Mode at least!  It's meant to be a fairly casual difficulty, so people not being able to clear it is bad;  it probably needs to be easier.

One quick tip that I could maybe offer to help you overcome the difficulty, is to remember your Defensive Special! (V key on the keyboard)  A lot of Bullet Hell games have a limited amount of "Bombs" that you have to use carefully, but in Maiden & Spell your "Bomb" is on a short cooldown!  There isn't any penalty to using it (in fact, sometimes it can even do more damage), so you can use it whenever you're in danger.

(Also, small clarification, the "squares don't recover in Hard Mode" is only between rounds within a stage.  They still recover from stage to stage.  I'm not THAT sadistic :) )

I'll try to take Easy difficulty down a notch in an update!  And thanks for playing!

the soundtracks are really good


Thanks, I know right!?  Steel_plus is SUCH a good composer,  I'm really, really happy with the music they've made for the game!